Tips to Complete a Vintage Remodel to Restore Your Old Home to Its Original Condition

When you own an old home, you have the chance to restore it to its original vintage condition and keep its character and old-style touches. Instead of tearing out the old inside your home to replace it with something new, restore the old architecture and transform your home to its former condition with some energy efficient upgrades. Here are some recommendations to help you successfully complete a vintage home remodeling project. [Read More]

Commonly Asked Well Pump Questions

Water pumps are essential devices for homes that use wells for water sources. Without one of these pumps, the water from your system would have to be manually moved from the well to the home. While a water pump is normally highly reliable, it is still important to become informed about the potential issues that it might experience. Is It Damaging For The Water Pump To Rapidly Cycle? A pump that is excessively cycling between running and being off can be an extremely damaging problem for the system as it will cause extreme amounts of wear and tear. [Read More]

How The Gig Economy Affects Your Bridge Construction Site

It used to be that starting construction on a bridge in a city meant blocking off some streets, getting permits, and getting through the work. Blasting and drilling for bridge pylons and breaking up old concrete could create an inconvenience for nearby residents and businesses, but everyone dealt with the work as best they could. In the gig economy, though, construction and blasting in urban areas for bridges and other projects have a bigger effect than intended. [Read More]

3 Tips For Flood Prevention

When you're thinking about how you can protect your property for the long haul, one step to take is to keep it free from the worst that the elements bring your way. This is particularly true if you live in an area that is prone to storms and flooding.  Leaving your home susceptible to this sort of damage can be one of the worst things you can do in terms of your property and safety. [Read More]